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UNION OPTICS has extensive experience and expertise in producing customized optics in cutting and polishing,  with or without coating, to meet the needs of your specific requirements.

Quality control is one of the most important considerations at UNION OPTICS.
Our extensive experience, attention to detail, and customized testing and inspection programs help ensure the highest quality product possible.

The engineers in UNION OPTICS have met the challenges relating to centering (Lenses), angle control (Prisms), radius (Cylindrical lens), edge chipping, surface quality and cementing to producing optical components.
Contact UNION OPTICS to see how our capabilities can mesh with your unique requirements.

UNION OPTICS has a long, proven record of carefully guarding confidential products and process information provided by both our existing and potential customers.

Any questions, please contact us via phone, fax, Email or using forms under the contact us page.


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